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Self-Service ERP Integration

OpenEnvoy provides a self service experience for you to integrate with your ERP application. Maximize your ROI from day one.

This integration allows seamless data exchange such as pulling vendors directly from your ERP, pulling GL codes, creating a new job once the invoice is marked as ok to pay and much more to enhance your workflow by reducing manual data input and improving accuracy

Pre-Built Integrations:

OpenEnvoy has robust, standardized API integrations with popular ERP solutions to minimize your IT resources required for connectivity.

The following ERP solutions are supported:

• QuickBooks Online           • Netsuite
• Sage Intacct                      • Xero
• Microsoft Dynamics          • Freshbooks
• Wave                                • Soho Books

    Steps to Set Up a New Integration:

    1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations (This will require Admin access).
    2. Choose your ERP by simply selecting the corresponding logo and name.
    3. Authorize with OAuth: Follow the prompts to complete the OAuth authorization process. OAuth is a secure method of giving OpenEnvoy access to your ERP without sharing your password.
    4. Check the Integration Status: After completing the OAuth process, your OpenEnvoy and ERP systems will be integrated. You can confirm this by checking that the card for your ERP shows a Connected status with a green checkmark. If there’s an issue with the integration, the card will instead display an Error status.
      1. If you run into any difficulties, OpenEnvoy has made it seamless to reach out to support team by clicking “Message Support”.