Setting Up Integrations (API's)

OpenEnvoy provides a self-serve API to easily integrate your systems

In addition to viewing our published API documentation, System Administrators can generate an API key directly from the Workspace! This unique feature allows our customers to take advantage of our flexible integration method and maintain full control over two-way system integrations and data within OpenEnvoy. 

To get started, click Workspace, and navigate to the Integrations tab. At the bottom of the Integrations page, go to the OpenEnvoy API section, and click the Generate API key button.

Once the Generate API key button has been clicked, the API key has been generated, and a timestamp will appear. When the API is active, the timestamp will show when the API was last used.

Click copy, and a confirmation message will appear showing the API key has been copied to your clipboard.

By default and for security purposes, the API key is always hidden. To disable the eye lock, click the eye lock icon to view the API key.

To deactivate the API key, click the Deactivate button. A confirmation message will appear, click Yes, deactivate key

If the key is deactivated, you may generate a new API key and the timestamp will reset.

We recommend generating a new API key every 90 days for added security.


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