Assign and Update Team and Job Owners

Assign from the jobs list page
Assign from the individual job page


Assign owner and team from the jobs list page

  • Navigate to the jobs list page
  • Select the job or jobs you want to assign
    • *Note, you can use filters to identify jobs with similar criteria that need to be assigned
  • Click on the 'Choose' dropdown under the 'Workflow' header
  • Leave the 'Status' as 'Update' then next to 'Ownership' choose a team (or no team) then click on 'Update Owner' to select an owner. 
  • Once done, click the blue 'Apply' button on the right-hand side of your screen. 

    Update Owner

Assign owner and team from an individual job page

  • Navigate to the job you want to update
  • Select the current owner icon from the top right
  • Select the new owner and team then click 'Apply'
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