Job Details

Learn about the features and functionality of the job details page, including uploading, replacing, and downloading documents, viewing job activity, results, and conflicts, and dispute.

The job details page is where you accomplish everything for a specific job, including uploading and replacing documents, viewing activity, and the results of the matching process. It is also where you manage the recovery process and document notes about a job. It's important that you are familiar with all of the features of this page.

To view the job details page, click Jobs in the left navigation and click the row of any active job.

The job details page displays useful information about the job, including the invoice total, the discrepancy, if there is one, the invoice and baseline documents associated with the job, and more. The page contains three tabs: Overview, Results, and Activity.

Overview tab

This overview tab shows you the job invoice and all baseline documents associated with the job. You can upload a new version of the invoice or baseline documents by clicking the (+) Add button in the baseline section.

Job info

Also on the Overview tab is the Job info section, which by default is collapsed. This section includes useful at-a-glance information about the job that was extracted from the job documents. To view this information, click the Job info section to expand it.

Results tab

This results tab shows you the result of the matching process. If everything matches, you will see green checkmarks beside each line and there will be no discrepancy. If something does not match, each conflict will be highlighted in red and the total discrepancy will be shown.

You have the option to view the job details by Status or None.

If you select to group by Status, the job line items will be grouped by Conflict or Matched status.

Click the arrows for each grouped section to view the line-item detail, and click the arrow again to collapse each section:

The totals for Invoice and Baseline will be at the bottom of the itemized list.

If you select to group by None, the job line items will be grouped by each Invoice and Baseline document line item:

The totals for Invoice and Baseline will be at the bottom of the itemized list:

Activity tab

The activity tab shows all activities for the job, including when the job was created, any conflicts and associated notes, resolution steps, and more.

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