Job Details

Learn about the features and functionality of the job details page, including uploading, replacing, and downloading documents, viewing job activity, results, and conflicts, and dispute.

This article will review each tab within a job:

The job list page, as shown below, displays the entire jobs list.

Click into a job to upload and replace documents, view activity, and the matching results progress. The dispute recovery activity and notes can also be managed within a job. It's important that you are familiar with all of the features of this page. 

To view the job details page, click Jobs in the left navigation and click the row of any active job.

The job details page displays useful information about the job, including the invoice total, any discrepancies, undercharges, the invoice and baseline documents associated with the job, and more. The page contains three tabs: Results, Overview and Activity.

Results tab

The results tab shows the result of the invoice matching process. Line items will show a green icon if it is a 100% match, a red icon if there is a discrepancy, or an orange icon if there is no supporting source to match against the invoice line item.

Match summary

The match summary shows the sum total of all sources. Expand the arrow to view all job sources and totals.


The details section shows every invoice line item and the source line item it was matched against. 

View the job details by Status or None.

  • If you select to group by Status, the job line items will be grouped by Conflict, Matched, or Pending status.
  • Click the arrows for each grouped section to view the line-item detail, and click the arrow again to collapse each section:
  • If you select to group by None, the job line items will be grouped by each Invoice and Baseline document line item:

Overview tab

This overview tab shows all job documentation, versions, and invoice extraction details.


The Documents section shows the invoice and all baseline documents associated with the job. To upload a new version of the invoice or baseline documents, click the (+) Add button in the baseline section.

Job info

Also on the Overview tab is the Job info section, which by default is collapsed. This section includes useful at-a-glance information about the job that was extracted from the job documents. To view this information, click the Job info section to expand it.

To edit Job info fields, click the pencil, edit the field(s), and click the blue save button.

Activity tab

The activity tab shows all activities for the job, including when the job was created, any conflicts and associated notes, resolution steps, and more.

Add comment

Roles with the Admin, Editor, and Contributor roles have the ability to add comments to the Activity tab for any job which is listed under Active jobs.

From the Activity tab, click the Add comment button, type your comment, and click the blue Add comment button to save it. Your comment will now be visible in the job activity tab and remain part of the job's history.

You also have the ability to filter activity by All activity or Comments only.

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